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Instructions for Knotwork Slings

These instructions are for some simple slings that can be made without a lot of effort. For slings like these with narrow split pouches, it is important that pouch is the proper size for the projectile it will be used for, otherwise the projectile can slip through the pouch, which can be very dangerous. Always make sure the projectile is secure in the pouch before slinging it.

Tools and Materials

For this sling you will need:
Approx. 6 feet of parachute cord
A lighter
A yardstick

The first step is to cut the two pieces of cord that the sling will be made from. Both pieces are cut the same length. To determine how long they need to be cut, use the following formula:

(Length of finished sling) + 1/2(length of pouch) + 9 inches = length to cut cords.

In the pictures I am making a 24 in. sling with a 4 in. pouch, so I cut the cords each 35 inches.

With a lighter, fuse the ends of the cords to keep them from unraveling. This should be done outside or in a place with plenty of ventilation.

Lay the two cords so that the ends overlap by 6 inches more than the length you want the pouch to be. In this case the overlap is 10 inches to make a 4 inch long pouch.

Tie an overhand knot with both cords at one end of the overlapped area.

Now tie an overhand knot at the other end of the overlapped area.

When both knots are tightened, the pouch is complete.

To make the finger loop, tie a knot, such as a bowline, at the end of one of the cords.

Tie a small stopper knot, like a figure-8 at the other end.

Because the loop takes more cord to tie than the stopper knot, you may want to trim off some of the extra cord beyond the stopper knot.

Here is the completed sling.

Below are a couple of variations on this basic design.

If a slightly more elegant pouch is desired, the overhand knots can be replaced with true lover's knots.

For a more complicated version, tie two lengths of twist braid at the ends of the cords before overlapping them. You will have to cut the cords longer for this method because of the extra length used up in the twist braids.

Here is what the twist braided pouch looks like.

"So David prevailed over the Philistine with a sling and with a stone..." I Samuel 17:50

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