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Here I've collected links to various other web pages. I don't necessarily endorse or agree with all that may be on these sites, but I've included them because they may be of use or interest to others.


Slings for Sale
Sources for Images of Slings
Braiding and Other Techniques
Sources of Materials
Other Websites


This is probably the most extensive website for information on slings and slinging. It has articles, tutorials and a discussion forum.

A Spanish website with a good collection of information and articles about slings.

Slings for Sale

They sell slings and related items.

A source for numerous types of stone tools and early weapons including slings.

They sell Tibetan crafts including handmade slings.

This site offers slings for sale including some with tooled leather pouches.

This site has several different types of slings for sale as well as information and videos.

Often, it is possible to see slings for sale on ebay, although it can sometimes be tricky to find them. Some searches that I have found to yield results at different times are "Braided sling," "Shepherd's Sling," "Andean sling," and "slingshot." Be prepared to wade through a lot of rifle slings, bow slings, baby slings, and slingshots before you find what you are looking for.

Sources for Images of Slings

This is the collection database of the American Museum of Natural History. They have many fine slings in their collection, and have good quality images.

This is the Smithsonian Institution's Collection Search Center. They have a large collection of slings and sling fragments, especially from South America.

This is the collection database of the British Museum. They have quite a few slings including some very fine examples from Pacific islands and South America.

This is the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology's Online Collections. It is helpful to search for both "sling" and "slingshot."

This is the online collection of the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia. They don't have a large number of slings, but they do have some interesting ones.

This is the online catalog of the Museo De América in Madrid. When you search, be sure to use the Spanish word for sling: honda

This is the collection of Harry Burton's photographs from the excavation of Tutankhamun's tomb. Slings can be seen in photos p0086, p0087, and p1324.

Braiding and other Techniques

Instructions for the basic 16-strand spiral Peruvian braid

Instructions for a couple of 24-strand Peruvian braids.

This article has links to instructions for tying several different useful knots.

Sources of Materials

Yarn Barn is a good source for wool and linen.

Another good source for different yarns. I've been particularly happy with their rug yarn.

U-braid-it sells equipment and materials primarily geared towards making tack, and is a source of 650 parachute cord.

Other Websites

This is my brother's website. He makes knives, swords and other traditional crafts.

A falconry supply company based in Nevada. I braid leashes and jesses for them.

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