How to Commission a Privateer Armoury Sword

           Part of the goal of Privateer Armoury is to make custom swords available to at an affordable price. I really enjoy working with customers to get them the best sword for them in their price range.

           To commission a Privateer Armoury sword or dagger, send me an email including the following:

                     1) A sketch, picture, or description of the piece, including any
                          special features you want (left handed etc).

                     2) Your budget.

                     3) Any questions you might have.

           Approximate Price Ranges:

                     Swords:     Forcastle Line: $200-$500, Quarterdeck Line: $500-$1000

                     Daggers:    Forcastle Line: $100-$400, Quarterdeck Line: $250-&800

                     Knives:      $  Forcastle Line: 75-$400, Quarterdeck Line: $200-$600

           All Forcastle Line pieces feature 1/16 inch, 15N20 Swedish steel blades. Quarterdeck Line pieces feature hand forged blades of different thicknesses.

To commission Historically accurate or Presentation grade pieces please visit my other website:
                                                         Ben Potter, Bladesmith