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Type XIIIb Sword

Uruz and Ansuz Seax

Privateer Cutlass

Diefledermaus falchion

Oseberg sax

Dragon Head sax

Lacewood Bird and Trout Knife

Fine Clip File Knife

Thin Grip File Knife

Scandi-Ground Bird and Trout File Knife

Dwarven Head Seax

Nijmegen Sax

Nebojsa'a Seax

Captain's Box knife

Fenrir's Tooth Sax

Ballock knife

Steeltooth Seax

Mariner's knife

Lacewood Seax

Fierce Friend Seax

Urnes Knife

Dragon Braid Sax



Boar Tusk Dagger

Overall length 8 in (20 cm)

Blade: single edged, differential tempered 1095, ethced.
Length       4 in (10 cm)
Width       1 1/8 in (2.8 cm)
Thick       1/8 in (.3 cm)

Handle: Pewter, hand carved and burned Black walnut.
Ogham enscription in Irish.
Length       4 in (10cm)

The Dunadan

Overall length:    13 1/2 in.          
Knife length:      13 in.               
Balance Point:   Top of handle   
Blade:      Edge-quenched 1095  
       Length:      7 in.
       Width:      1/8 in.
Handle:    Bloodwood, Brass,    
                  African Blackwood        
  Sheath:     Saddle Leather, Brass   


Scandinavian Style Utility

Blade:     4.5 in.    Marquenched 1095                       
Handle:    4 in.      Lacewood, Bone, and Cattle Hoof.
Sheath:                 Handstiched saddle leather.            

Full Tang Saxon
This knife was designed after the belt knives worn by the Saxon warriors,
forged out of file steel, with curly hard wood, and hand carved horn fittings.

Celto-Norse Working Knife
This knife features file steel blade, bone mountings and a handformed saddle leather
sheath. The knife measures 12 in (31cm) with a 7 in (17cm) blade. The carving on the
sheath is a combination of the Norse ring-chain and Celtic knot-work.

The 3 in. blade is handforged of file steel and features handcut engraving on one side.
The brass bolster has decorative punch work on the face, and is engraved around the sides.
The handle and scabbard are crafted out of Lacewood and burned with the same design as on the
blade and bolster. The handle is offset so that when you tuck it in your sash it lies flush.
The measurements are:
Knife                 8 in. (21 cm.)
Knife in Sheath   9 in.    (22 cm.)


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